Nara Municipal Tomigaoka-Kita

Junior High School 2013


Profile, Topics, Annual events [pdfファイル]  

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our school’s foundation.  

Our school was founded just 30 years ago in a newly developed residential area,

which used to be Nara’s border mountains to the south of Kyoto.   

Thanks to the help of the local residents, our students have been able to acquire

solid academic prowess, lead fruitful life rich in humanity and enjoy bountiful life

with good health.  

Now is the time for us to show our gratitude in return.  

Learning and discovering new things from the past,we do our best to make this

year an honorable one.

We keep cooperating to promote our joint school education where children of

different ages can play and work together willingly and pleasantly. 

Through these joint activities, we hope our children will grow up to be driving

forces for promoting ESD (education for sustainable development). 

Children acting vigorously should be a vital power for activating our schools and community.

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