The Pioneer Spirit

 As mentioned already, Ichijo was founded on a ‘Frontier Spirit’, metaphorically comparing the journey of Ichijo to that of Christopher Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria. This is included in the design of the symbolic stage curtain in the Auditorium. The teachers and students of this school are the ‘Crew of the Ichijo-maru Ship.'


The Ichijo Festival

 The cultural festival is one of the biggest and the most exciting events run by the student council. It is held for two consecutive days early September. The first day is just for the students and teachers of Ichijo. On the second day the festival is open to the public.  About a thousand people come and enjoy it. The main attractions are exhibitions by cultural clubs and classes, bazaars by classes, and stage performances by clubs, classes and groups of students. All students devote quite a lot of energy to this event.
The athletic meet is held in Nara City Kounoike Stadium. It is basically a class competition. Many sporting games are prepared and students take part in them. Some of them are very competitive games and others fun games. Teachers and parents also participate in a couple of games.

the picture of cg art the picture of astro-boy made by coin

the picture of athretic

  the picture of play by brass band club

the picture of gate

    the picture of athretic

Ski Trip

the picture of skiing lesson

As one of the schooling events all the second year students in the third term take this trip, with the purpose being ski practice and group learning. In the first week of March, to emphasize this purpose all students participate in the 3 nights / 4 days program in Furano, Hokkaido.


 Since this school was established in 1950, the individuals concerned have made a conscious effort to guarantee its success. During class the teachers and students work closely together. After school there are sporting and cultural activities and an active effort is given by students during school hours. We firmly believe that our goal of creating an enjoyable learning environment has been realized successfully.
The distinguishing educational features of this school are firstly, our international understanding program which is based around foreign language study. We are involved in running exchange programs with people from all over the world, of course to aid in expanding our international city of culture and tourism, Nara, and also to encourage our students to develop a broad view with which to lead this international society. The second feature is the togetherness of students and teachers. Our third feature is the teaching of love and respect for oneself and others. This is the basis of our free and cheerful school tradition.
During the Nara period (the 8th century) there was a library called ‘UNTEI’on the present school site, said to be the first public library in Japan and our existing library is now seen to be continuing this heritage.

Staff Play

In 1953 the Ichijo staff began presenting a drama for the graduating students. The staff play has been performed 57 times so far. It is held in February as part of the Yosenkai (a parting event for the third year students). There is no lack in variety of what is presented to the graduating students in this drama production. Presenting from a script, all teachers work together organizing the stage equipment, with volunteered help from students also. This teachers' play is unique around the country, and television and newspapers often give news coverage of the event.

the picture of staff drama