Outline History

 In the confusion of post war Japan, according to the wishes of Nara citizens and with a special recommendation from the occupying U.S. Army, the only municipal senior high school in this area was established in 1950. The school was named Ichijo Senior High School after the First Main Street of Heijou-kyo, Capital of Japan in the 8th century. Ichijo had only the general course at that time. In the following year (1951), the foreign language course was introduced. It is said to be the first foreign language course in a senior high school in Japan. In 1995 we founded the mathematics and science course, and the humanities course as a minor course of the general course. In the year 2000, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the school.In the year 2005, Ichijo was appointed Super English Lasnguage High School (SELHi) by the Ministry of Education and Science. In 2006 the humanities course which had been a minor course of the general course was reformed into a major course, which means that Ichijo now has four major courses; the General Course, the Foreign Language Course, the Mathematics and Science Course and the Humanities Course.the picture of ichijou-maru

School Philosophy

 At the ceremony to mark the founding of Ichijo Senior High School on the 15th of May, 1950, Mr. Masumi Watanabe, the first principal, compared the start of the school to the launch of Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria. In his speech he told the audience that the students and the teachers of Ichijo were the crew of the Ichijo-maru that was about to launch into the wild ocean, and inspired them to try their best with a frontier spirit. To try and do things with this spirit is our school principle

School Aim

 Since this school was established in 1950, the individuals concerned have made a conscious effort to guarantee its success. During class the teachers and students work closely together. After school there are sporting and cultural activities and an active effort is given by students during school hours. We firmly believe that our goal of creating an enjoyable learning environment has been realized successfully. The distinguishing educational features of this school are firstly, our international understanding program which is based around foreign language study. We are involved in running exchange programs with people from all over the world, of course to aid in expanding our international city of culture and tourism, Nara, and also to encourage our students to develop a broad view with which to lead this international society. The second feature is the togetherness of students and teachers. Our third feature is the teaching of love and respect for oneself and others. This is the basis of our free and cheerful school tradition. the map of around ichijou high schoolDuring the Nara period (the 8th century) there was a library called ‘UNTEI’on the present school site, said to be the first public library in Japan and our existing library is now seen to be continuing this heritage.


 Ichijo Senior High School is located on Ichijo Street, which was the First Main Street of the Heijou-kyo, Capital of Japan in the 8th century, about one km east of the site of the palace of the ancient capital. Behind the school are a group of huge tombs of ancient emperors and members of their families. At the eastern end of Ichijo Street, about 3 km east of the school, lies the Todaiji Great Buddha Temple. The Kintetsu-line Shin-omiya Station is situated about one km south. Nara City Office is about 1.5 km to the south-west. The school site in the Nara period (the 8th century) is said to be where Isonokami Yakatsugu, a high ranked official of the government, lived. He opened his book collection to the public in his residence, which was called ‘Untei.’