Club activity has been playing a very important role in Ichijo as extracurricular activities. A great number of students belong to a club and usually take part in its activities after school and on holidays, although club days and hours differ from club to club.
the picture of bascketball clubThe following is a list of the clubs that Ichijo Senior High School has.

*Sports Clubs
Track & Field  Gymnastics  Ski  Soft Tennis  Tennis     Table Tennis  Soccer  Swimming  Badminton  Volleyball  Basketball  Baseball   Handball  Softball  Kendo  Shorinji Kempo (Martial Art)  Naginata (Halberd)    Dance

*Cultural Clubsthe picture of brass band club
English Interact   Koto (Japanese Harp)  Chorus  Brass Band  Drama   Science  Cooking  
Sewing  Painting  Calligraphy  Photography  Literature   
Human Rights Spanish  
Tea Ceremony  Flower Arrangement