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 Main Building (3,274 ㎡): This is a three-story building. The western half was completed in1963 and the eastern half in 1964. It contains a staff room, the principal's office, an administration office, two guest rooms, a sick room, a lecture room, a counselling room, 15 classrooms, a meeting room, a club room and a student council room.

West Building (1,588 ㎡): This is a three-story building connected to the main building. The main part of the building was completed in 1962 and contains two kitchens, a sewing room, a home-science room, a music room, an art room, a lecture room and a biology lecture room and a PC (personal computer) laboratory. An extension to the building was built in 1970. It contains two language laboratories, a biology laboratory, a lecture room and an information processing room.
New Building (4,367 ㎡): This is a four-story building which was completed in 1982 and consists of two wings; the North Wing and the South Wing. In the North Wing there are 9 classrooms, 2 lecture rooms and a canteen. In the South Wing there are a calligraphy room, a chemistry laboratory, a physics laboratory, an audio-visual room, a Japanese culture room, a CAL (computer assisted learning) laboratory, the career guidance room, two lecture rooms, a room for the human rights education section, a room for the students counseling section, and 3 classrooms.

Auditorium (982 ㎡): This is the oldest building in our school. It was constructed in 1957. The seating capacity is 1,500.

Memorial Hall (196 ㎡): This hall was built in 1965 and was reconstructed in 1994. It is mainly used for meetings.

Gymnasium (1,520 ㎡): This was newly built in 1980 in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding.

the picture of seminer houseWeight Training Center (68 ㎡): This was built in 1985.

Seminar House (755 ㎡): This is a two-story building constructed in 1990 in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the founding. It is mainly used for training camps of school clubs, study camps by the career guidance section, meetings and so on. It has a hall, a kitchen, 3 Western-style bed rooms, 3 tatami rooms (Japanese-style), 2 Japanese-style baths, etc. It can accommodate 60 students.

the picture of kendou in play roomthe picture of reading room in libraryUntei Bunbukan (1,186 ㎡): This is a complex of a martial art hall on the first floor (541㎡) and a library (645 ㎡) on the second which was built in 2001, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the founding.The library has about 40,000 volumes.

Play Field (23,106 ㎡)

Swimming Pool (25 m×7 lanes):
This is an outdoor swimming pool.